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That Jasmine and black and green tea that I can’t resist.

I don’t wanna feel guilty, again, of abandoning this blog by not entering any post for a week straight.

So to start off, I think, I’m ultra getting addicted to bubble teas. My recent faves are Strawberry Milk tea and the Taro one. I just couldn’t stop my taste buds.

The pictures above are located at The Fort, Taguig, near the Burgos Circle, I think. It’s a lil costly though, which is not BULSA wise. That small cup up there is actually their MEDIUM size already which will cost you around php115 and the size next to that is php135. Well, they are open until 2am, so if you’re in the mood for some heavenly good Milk Teas and just around The Fort, go ahead, go grab one for yourself. They also have makis, pizza and pastries in all sorts of colors. (oh sure you’ll like ’em!)

And oh, they have hot teas as well, that’s green or black tea base, that will only cost you php70-php80.

Second to my list is Spartea Spa & Bubble tea, located at Lilac St, Marikina. You will not believe yourself how cheap is this, php70 for the Large size, php60 for the medium (comes with a free add ons, I recalled I had the egg pudding, sweet!) and only php50 for the hot teas.

I ordered the Taro again and he ordered the Wintermelon tea, which we really enjoyed a lot! And how can I forget the Japadog? Talk about frugality? That’s only php80! haha 😀

I noticed that they both share (Tokyo Bubble tea & Spartea) the same taste for lighting, just a thought lang naman nho?!

Spartea do have a spa! php250 for full body massage, Color me package for only 180 and they uses ORLY, for an extra charge of course. Sure you’ll enjoy every minute of your stay in Spartea.

I would like to also share my recent discovery of CAP TEA at Starmall Shaw. It’s good, tasty and cheap. And also another Tea experience at the Mercato. yum! I just forgot the name, sorry. haahah 😀

Have a FUN TEA Sunday guys!



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